Building Kits

Building Kits

Building Kits  | SLC Buildings - Columbus, OH

Building kits offer customers the ability to quickly and securely create an outside structure that can be used for a variety of purposes. They come already made, and simply need to be assembled, which SLC Builders will do for you.

If you find yourself in need of additional space on your property, and have no major requirements with regards to appearance and customization, a building kit is a great choice. They can be used to create a garage, outside storage, and even livable space if insulated properly. Building kits offer everyone a cheap alternative to more comprehensive construction, for those situations where the need is basically just to keep the weather out.

Building kits are ordered according to the size they need to be, and come in many sizes, including:

• 24x24x10
• 24x32x10
• 30x40x10
• 30x48x10
• 30x64x10
• 40x80x12
• 50x80x12
• 60x104x14

Finding a building kit that will satisfy your need for more space is not only possible, but in many cases also your best option, if you have no major preferences. SLC Builders will assist you in realizing the need that the building kit is to fulfill, help you find the right size, and set it up for you.

Building kits are a great and affordable way for homeowners and businesses to increase their amount of usable space, without the work involved in having construction done. They are safe, reliable, and very easy to install, requiring minimal effort from you, other than contacting SLC Builders. Building kits are also attractive for the reason that they are easily disassembled and moved or removed, in case you want to make changes to your property.

Contact SLC Builders today and ask what possibilities building kits can offer your private residence or your business in Columbus, OH. We are always ready to explain their advantages, and suggest what options are suited for your needs.