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Pole Barns

Pole Barns  | SLC Buildings - Columbus, OH

SLC Builders has built pole barns for many customers, for many different reasons. Some people need...

General Contractor

General Contractor  | SLC Buildings - Columbus, OH

SLC Builders is capable of providing any kind of construction, restoration or repair needed for homes and...

Building Kits

Building Kits  | SLC Buildings - Columbus, OH

Building kits offer customers the ability to quickly and securely create an outside structure that...


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Welcome To SLC Buildings

SLC Buildings is Columbus, OH’s complete service general contractor. We help customers improve their homes, businesses and properties with high quality, durable and affordable solutions, for a wide selection of different purposes. If you are thinking about having any type of construction work done, be sure to explore what SLC Buildings is capable of first!

With plenty of spacious properties, residents of Columbus, OH have the ability to enhance the use of their properties, homes and businesses in many different ways, and tailor them to suit their individual needs and preferences. SLC Buildings offers everyone the opportunity to enhance their properties with a total contracting service, covering all aspects, from the initial idea to completion.

Whether you need a garage or a barn built from scratch, want to add a room to your building or office, or are looking to have renovation work done, SLC Buildings can provide you with customized options that are sure to satisfy whatever need, necessity, requirement or dream, you may have. Our options are many, leaving you and your property with unlimited improvement potential.

SLC Buildings has three main areas of specialization:

Pole Barns—Comes in many different variants, easy customizable, and suited for many different purposes.

General Contracting—Have work done on your home or place of business.

Building Kits—Prefabricated and easily assembled structures that are suited for countless purposes.

If you are in the market for outdoor additions, or indoor improvements or renovations, contact SLC Buildings for a free quote. We will send a member of our staff to you, who will help you realize how your vision can be accomplished in a way that is best for you, the purpose and your property as a whole.

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